This is the launch of Jacob's Coffee brand in Mexico. A PR campaign about the mexican dream and the proud of being mexican in times of uncertainty.
Jacobs Coffee Regional Campaign

"Dream with your eyes open", as the brand's claim, came in the perfect moment, as mexicans are struggling to give their perspective and position of strenght in dark times for the media.
Jacobs, for the launch of it's brand in México, gave us two main challenges: Make people dream and make a lot of noise. 

We've started this campaign with something that could never be unnoticed.


A week after the launching of these teasers, we've created a web that explained everything. Mexican influencers and inspirations for everyone that has a dream, and tools to make Mexican's dreams become, also, a reality. We've made documentaries, special contents based on different areas of work and a hotline to inspire people.


Madrid, Spain
 Creative Consultants